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Medium Dog Crate Size – Stylish and Functional Dog Crate Furniture with Cushion

In medium dog crate size, the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture with Cushion is a multi-functional and stylish pet crate that doubles as a side table or end table. With its double door design and adjustable feet, it provides convenience and stability. Made of chew-resistant particleboard and wire construction, this crate ensures durability and safety for your furry friend. Available in various sizes, it offers a comfortable and secure space for small, medium, and large dogs. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this dog crate furniture.

I recently purchased the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture with Cushion for my beloved dog, Gohan. Upon receiving it, I was impressed by the wood finish and the overall sturdy construction of the crate. The included cushion provided a cozy sleeping space for Gohan, and the wooden plate at the bottom prevented his paws from getting jammed. The double doors made it easy for him to enter and exit, and the adjustable feet ensured stability even on uneven floors.

Gohan absolutely loves this crate. It offers ample space for him to move around comfortably, and he spends hours peacefully lounging and sleeping inside. I appreciate how well the crate blends with my existing furniture, matching my bed set and lamp perfectly. It also serves as a convenient storage surface for small decorations and essentials.

I find this dog crate furniture particularly useful when I need to leave Gohan at home. I can trust that he is safe and secure in his designated space, and he doesn’t fuss or try to escape. It provides me with peace of mind knowing that he is comfortable and content while I am away.

The Perfect Dog Crate that Looks Amazing Does Exist

medium dog crate size

Introducing myself, I’m Lewis, and I want to tell you about Gohan’s admiration for the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture. Let me start by saying that it’s not just a dog crate; it’s a piece of furniture that looks fantastic in any room. The wood finish gives it a classy and elegant look, making it blend seamlessly with your existing decor. But it’s not just about looks. This dog crate is built to last. It’s incredibly sturdy and can withstand even the most energetic pups. I’ve added a comfortable cushion inside for Gohan, and the extra-large size fits him perfectly. There’s plenty of space for him to stretch out and relax. The double doors make it easy for him to enter and exit, and I love that I can latch them securely when needed. Overall, Gohan is extremely comfortable in this crate. He enjoys lounging and sleeping in it without any fuss. It’s the perfect solution for when I have to leave him at home. I know he’s safe and secure, and that gives me peace of mind. Trust me, if you’re looking for a dog crate that not only serves its purpose but also looks amazing, the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture is the one for you.

medium dog crate size: Quality and Style Combined

medium dog crate size

Providing valuable insights, I would like to present you with feedback from various pet owners who have had firsthand experience with the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture. One reviewer mentioned that they were initially concerned about the crate’s sturdiness based on some reviews they read. However, they were pleasantly surprised to find that it was indeed well-built and held up even when used as a side table with books and other items placed on top. Assembling the crate was also a breeze, although they recommended having someone help if you opt for a larger size. The double gates were another standout feature that they appreciated.Another reviewer loved the clean and stylish look of the crate. It was easy to assemble and felt sturdy enough for their small to medium-sized dogs. The only minor issue they encountered was a crooked lock, which they easily fixed with pliers. Overall, they were satisfied with their purchase.One customer mentioned that the crate arrived nicely packaged and was easy to put together. They found it visually appealing and expressed excitement about using it for their puppy, who would be arriving soon. They felt confident that their new furry friend would have a safe and cozy space.Another satisfied pet owner mentioned that they found the crate to be of great quality. Putting it together was a breeze, and it added a touch of elegance to their room. The only minor downside they mentioned was the potential for a loud noise if bumped into or if something is placed on top too quickly. However, they had no other complaints so far.Lastly, a customer shared their positive experience with the crate. They were delighted with its appearance and functionality. They liked that it had metal wires on three sides, allowing their dog to see out easily. They found the size perfect for their Boston Terrier, and their pup willingly goes into the crate at night without any issues.All in all, the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture has received rave reviews for its quality, style, and functionality. It’s a great investment for pet owners who want a crate that not only looks nice but also provides a cozy and secure space for their furry friends.


  • The DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture is multi-functional, serving as a pet crate and a side table, end table, or nightstand. It provides a stylish and practical solution for pet owners.
  • The double door design of this dog crate allows for easy access and convenience for both the pet and the owner. The adjustable feet ensure stability, even on uneven floors.
  • The chew-resistant construction of the crate ensures durability and a long service life. It is made of particleboard and wire, providing a safe and secure environment for pets.


  • The cushion that comes with the crate is thin and flimsy. Some users have found it necessary to replace it with a sturdier and thicker cushion for their pet’s comfort.
  • The latch on the crate can be difficult to open and close smoothly. It may require some adjustment or additional effort to operate properly.
  • While the crate is aesthetically pleasing, some users have mentioned that it can be loud if bumped into or if something is placed on top of it too quickly.

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In conclusion, the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture with Cushion has been a fantastic addition to our home. It offers a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for housing our dog. The durable construction, adjustable features, and comfortable cushion have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this dog crate furniture to any pet owner looking for a versatile and stylish option that provides a cozy and secure space for their furry companions.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the DWANTON Dog Crate Furniture easy to assemble?

Answer: Yes, according to user reviews, the crate is easy to assemble. However, it may be helpful to have someone assist depending on the size of the crate.

Question: Is the crate suitable for medium-sized dogs?

Answer: Yes, the crate comes in different sizes, and the medium size has been found to be suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.

Question: Can the crate be used for puppies?

Answer: Yes, the crate can be used for puppies. It provides a safe and secure space for them to feel comfortable and protected.

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