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“Dog Crate Collapsible – A Review of Versatile and Convenient Petsfit Crates”

The dog crate collapsible, Petsfit Dog Crates for Medium Dogs, is a versatile and adjustable fabric cover crate, designed to provide comfort and convenience for both pet owners and their furry friends. With a variety of sizes available and a durable construction, this dog crate is a reliable option for traveling and everyday use.

Having traveled with both this crate and a traditional steel wire kennel, I can confidently say that the Petsfit Dog Crates for Medium Dogs is far superior for travel purposes. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and more compact, making it convenient to fit in both the car trunk and various accommodations during our trips.

The tension rod mechanism used in this crate is a standout feature. It allows for easy assembly and ensures a tight and solid frame. The cloth cover is of high quality, and the spiral head design allows for adjustability even after multiple washes. The three-sided mesh doors provide proper ventilation and visibility for our pet.

One aspect to consider is that while this crate is ideal for travel, it may not be as suitable for everyday use. The fabric cover may not hold up as well as a metal crate, and sanitizing may be more challenging. Additionally, the lower ceiling height may not provide enough headroom for larger dogs when used at home.

dog crate collapsible: Versatile Size Options

dog crate collapsible

Various sizes are available for the Petsfit Dog Crates for Medium Dogs, catering to different breeds and sizes of dogs. Whether you have a small cat or a medium to large-sized dog, there is a crate size suitable for your pet. With options ranging from 26 inches to 39.5 inches, you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. This versatility ensures that your pet will have enough space to stand, lie down, and move comfortably inside the crate.

Adjustable Fabric Cover for Custom Fit

dog crate collapsible

The adjustable fabric cover is a standout feature of the Petsfit Dog Crates for Medium Dogs. With slight production variances in the cloth cover, you can easily adjust the tightness using the spiral head. This patented design allows you to customize the fit of the cover, ensuring a snug and secure environment for your pet. Whether you’re using the crate for the first time or after multiple washes, you can easily adjust the cloth cover to provide the perfect fit for your pet.

Sturdy and Durable Construction

dog crate collapsible

Made from 600D Oxford cloth and sturdy internal stainless steel pipes, the dog crates are durable. The solid construction of the crate, with no foldable parts in the middle, ensures durability and stability. Dogs can comfortably lean against the steel pipes and have enough space to move inside the crate. The cloth cover is reinforced with triple stitching at each seam, especially around the zipper, to ensure long-lasting strength. The three-sided mesh doors provide proper ventilation and visibility for your pet.

Safety and Convenience Features

dog crate collapsible

With your pet’s safety and convenience in mind, the Petsfit Dog Crates for Medium Dogs are designed. The front and one-side doors are equipped with lockable zippers, ensuring that your furry friend can safely enter and exit the crate. The zippers can be rolled up and fixed with fabric-magic tapes for easy access. The huge mesh window on the other side of the crate ensures proper ventilation and prevents overheating. Additionally, the crate features a large pocket on the back, perfect for carrying pet snacks, water cups, or trash bags.

dog crate collapsible: Comprehensive After-Sales Service

dog crate collapsible

Petsfit has a wide sales network and provides comprehensive after-sales service. If you encounter any issues with the cloth cover or stainless steel pipe, they offer assistance with replacements. They also have instructional videos available to help you with any confusion about using the product. To avoid any delays during your travels, it is recommended to select the appropriate size for your pet before making a purchase. Petsfit is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing support beyond the initial purchase.

dog crate collapsible: Customer Reviews


Ease of use and durability are qualities that customers have praised in the Petsfit Dog Crates for Medium Dogs. Many reviewers have mentioned how the crates are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them perfect for travel. The sturdy construction of the crates has also been appreciated, with pet owners feeling confident in the safety and security of their pets inside the crate. Some customers have noted that the crate is not suitable for chewers or escape artists, but overall, the product has received positive feedback for its quality and functionality.


  • The Petsfit Dog Crate is adjustable in size, making it suitable for different breeds of dogs.
  • The crate is made with high-quality materials, such as 600D Oxford cloth and stainless steel pipes, providing durability and stability.
  • The crate has a three-door design, allowing for easy access and proper ventilation for your pet.


  • The fabric cover may not be as durable or easy to sanitize as a metal crate.
  • Some dogs may be able to chew through the mesh doors, making the crate less suitable for chewers.
  • The price of the replacement cover for the crate is expensive.

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Overall, the Petsfit Dog Crates for Medium Dogs is an excellent investment for pet owners who frequently travel with their furry companions. Its sturdy construction, adjustable fabric cover, and convenient features make it a reliable and comfortable option for both pets and their owners. While it may not be the best choice for everyday use or for dogs with destructive tendencies, it certainly delivers on its promises for travel purposes. I would highly recommend this dog crate to fellow pet owners.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is the crate suitable for large dogs?

Answer: Yes, the crate is adjustable and can accommodate medium to large-sized dogs like Labradors.

Question: Can the crate be used for travel?

Answer: Yes, the crate is designed for travel and is lightweight and easy to assemble and collapse.

Question: Is the crate easy to clean?

Answer: Yes, the crate is easy to clean inside in case of any accidents, but the fabric cover may require more care compared to a metal crate.

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