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Collapsible Dog Crate – Convenient and Compact Travel Pet Kennel

The collapsible dog crate, Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel, is a convenient solution for pet owners who love to travel, camp, or hike with their furry friends. With its soft-sided design, mesh screen windows, and compact size, this kennel offers both visibility and ventilation for your pets. Let’s dive into the details and explore its features!

I recently purchased the Beatrice Travel Pet Kennel for a specific purpose – to transport my 15-year-old cat during a long car trip. I was impressed by its affordable price and the fact that it could accommodate my cat comfortably. However, I did encounter a few drawbacks. The kennel had a slight tilt when opened, and the cheap nylon fabric wasn’t durable enough for a scratchy cat or an excitable dog. The zipper also posed some difficulties, and I wouldn’t recommend it for animals with a strong drive to escape.

Nevertheless, the kennel served its purpose admirably. It was easy to set up and provided enough space for my cat to relax during the journey. The portable design allowed it to fit behind the driver’s seat, even with a car seat in place. Most importantly, my cat remained calm throughout the trip, which was a significant improvement compared to previous car rides. It’s worth noting that cleaning up any accidents was hassle-free, thanks to the removable towel and pee pad layers.

collapsible dog crate: Portability and Convenience

collapsible dog crate

Offering exceptional portability and convenience for pet owners on the go, the Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel is a great option. This soft-sided dog crate is designed for travel, camping, or hiking, making it the perfect companion for adventurous pet owners. With its lightweight and collapsible design, this kennel easily pops up and folds flat to a compact size of 11″ round, making it easy to store in a backpack or luggage. Its convenient storage pouch adds to its portability, allowing you to take it anywhere with ease. Whether you’re going on a road trip or exploring the great outdoors, this portable pet kennel ensures that your furry friend has a comfortable and secure space to relax.

collapsible dog crate: Comfort and Ventilation

collapsible dog crate

Prioritizing the comfort and well-being of your pet, the Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel ensures a safe and cozy space. With its soft-sided construction and mesh screen windows, this kennel provides excellent visibility, ventilation, and airflow, ensuring that your pet stays comfortable and cool. The mesh windows not only offer ventilation but also allow your pet to see their surroundings, reducing anxiety and stress during travel. The spacious interior dimensions, measuring 32.5″L x 19.5″W x 19.5″H, provide ample space for small to medium-sized dogs, cats, and other pets to stretch out and relax. Whether you’re using it indoors or outdoors, this kennel ensures that your pet feels safe and secure while enjoying optimal airflow and visibility.

collapsible dog crate: Durability and Functionality

collapsible dog crate

It is important to note that while the Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel is an affordable option, its durability may not be on par with more expensive carriers. The nylon fabric used in its construction may not withstand scratching or excitable behavior from pets. The zipper may also be a bit flimsy, and the windows may not be suitable for highly determined escape artists. However, this kennel is designed to serve its purpose effectively and reliably. It easily pops open and stands up, providing a secure and comfortable space for your pet during travel. Its sturdy construction, despite some minor drawbacks, ensures that your pet remains safe and contained.

Versatility and Size Options

collapsible dog crate

Suitable for a variety of pets, including small to medium-sized dogs, cats, and other animals, the Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel is versatile. Its size options, such as the 32.5″ L x 19.5″ W x 19.5″ H, cater to different pet sizes and breeds. Whether you have a tiny kitten or a larger dog, there is a size that will accommodate your pet’s needs. This versatility makes it a great choice for pet owners with multiple pets or those who frequently pet sit. The kennel’s ability to fold flat also means that it can be easily stored when not in use, making it a space-saving option for pet owners with limited storage space.

collapsible dog crate: Positive Customer Reviews

collapsible dog crate

Customers have provided positive feedback for the Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel. Many users appreciate its affordability and convenience, especially for travel purposes. Some customers have found it to be the perfect solution for transporting their pets during car rides or camping trips. While there are some concerns about the durability of the materials used, most customers agree that it serves its purpose well and provides a comfortable space for their pets. The positive reviews highlight its ease of setup, portability, and functionality as key selling points of this product.

collapsible dog crate: Final Thoughts


For pet owners who are always on the go, the Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel offers a convenient and portable solution. While it may not be the most durable option and has some limitations, it provides a comfortable and secure space for pets during travel or outdoor activities. Its lightweight and collapsible design make it easy to transport and store, and its mesh windows ensure proper ventilation and visibility. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable and practical travel pet kennel, the Beatrice Home Fashions Portable, Collapsible, Pop Up Travel Pet Kennel is worth considering.


  • Portable and easy to travel with. The collapsible design and compact size make it convenient to take on trips or store when not in use.
  • Provides visibility and ventilation. The soft-sided kennel features mesh screen windows that allow pets to see their surroundings and stay well-ventilated.
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized pets. With dimensions of 32.5″ L x 19.5″ W x 19.5″ H and a 14″ W x 14″ H door opening, the kennel can comfortably accommodate small to medium-sized dogs, cats, and other pets.


  • Flimsy construction. The nylon fabric and cheap zipper may not hold up well to scratching or the escape attempts of more energetic pets.
  • Leaning issue. Some users have reported that the kennel has a slight tilt, which could limit its long-term use as a bed or make it less stable.
  • Limited durability. The mesh windows and overall build quality may not withstand heavy use or the efforts of smart and determined animals to escape.

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In conclusion, the Beatrice Travel Pet Kennel is a budget-friendly option for pet owners in need of a temporary containment solution. While it may not be the most durable or secure option, it offers convenience and comfort during travel. Its easy setup and collapsible design make it a practical choice for those on the go. If you’re seeking a reliable and long-term solution, you may want to invest in a sturdier carrier. However, for its affordable price, the Beatrice Travel Pet Kennel delivers satisfactory performance and serves its purpose well.

Questions & Answers:

Question: Is this kennel suitable for long car trips?

Answer: While it can be used for travel, the flimsy construction and lack of escape-proof features may not make it ideal for long car trips with active or anxious pets.

Question: Can this kennel be used outdoors?

Answer: Yes, it can be used outdoors, but keep in mind that the lightweight design may make it vulnerable to wind or movement if not properly secured.

Question: Can larger pets fit comfortably in this kennel?

Answer: The dimensions of the kennel make it suitable for small to medium-sized pets. Larger animals may feel cramped or have difficulty moving around inside.

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